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(No introduction needed) Glenn Brackett with a Ruby River Brown.

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Author/Rodbuilder, Jerry Kustich landing a Beaverhead brown.

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Yours truly preparing to lose a fish that darts between the legs.

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How hollow are they? Take a look at a bore sightable 5' long butt blank.

(Click here to play movie - 688kb)


7th attempt, finally does it. Extreme strength testing.

(Click here to play movie - 740kb)


Always treat a bamboo rod with the utmost care... Yeah right!(Hmmm... That must depend on who builds them,.. and how.

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Every dog has his day, some are extremly good and to be celebrated,but those are infrequent and in short supply because of time slipping past.

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Photo by Don Roberts

The concept of our own time being limited can be a hard pill to swallow. But with efficient use of what's left we at least have a fighting chance to feel a bit more alive while enjoying the fun and freedom in our lives.

My dad always told me "life was meant to be enjoyed, not endured!"



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All bamboo rods pictured on this site are from BEAVERHEAD RODS LLC.

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